Denver Startup Week is for You

Nirvana for the Denver Small Business Owner

Ever wondered what goes on at the Denver Startup Week, and if you should attend? Powered by the local community, Denver Startup Week is “[t]he largest event of its kind in North America, [and] is the summit of entrepreneurial energy, innovation, and connection.” And it’s free!

Because the mission of Denver Startup Week is “to foster an environment where every member of a team, in every industry, can come to learn, grow, and prepare for their next challenge,” organizers are careful to include a broad variety of topics and business models. If you’ve already got your new business startup list (even if it’s just in your head), or you are an established small business owner and you want to learn more about tech, design, DIY-making, marketing, or leadership, there will be good information available for you and your team.

Education for Business Owners

At Denver Startup Week, you won’t just get advice on achieving balance between work and life: the event offers good education on a variety of topics and is designed around tracks. The tracks are based on the role you play in your business; founder, developer, designer, marketer, maker, etc. If you wear several hats, you can wear them all during Denver Startup Week.

Startup Week Tracks

Whether you’re just dreaming about starting a business, on your first, or a seasoned entrepreneur, the founder track will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to found a company. Initial product development, go-to-market strategies, finding funding, and building a team are just some of the topics that are covered. Start down the path of creating your startup!

Frontend, backend, full stack, big data, APIs, architecture, methodologies, junior, senior, we have it all. Learn new technologies, refine your skills, or just check out something completely different. Walk away a better engineer than you were before!

No matter how good it is, no product sells itself. A team that markets, sells, and supports the product well is a huge advantage for any startup. Every aspect of digital marketing, inbound and outbound sales, and customer experience is going to be covered at Denver Startup Week. Growing a startup depends on these skills, don’t miss your chance to improve them!

Product management, development, and marketing, all different sides of the same coin that somehow bridges the gap between building the product and delivering it to the market. Product skills are in huge demand but there aren’t very many places where you can go to acquire them. Come improve your product game at Denver Startup Week!

Seeing things others do not see is an art and our design track is packed with creative outlets to expand your thinking and ability to design. From fashion to architecture to breakout digital design and artwork – the design track is focused on the critical elements of design. Learn new skills, hear from those responsible for some of the best projects in Colorado, and let your creative juices flow. Enjoy connecting with fellow design leaders and leave the week with fresh inspiration!

From craft skis to craft beer, robots to 3D printing – the experience of ‘making’ physical products is totally unique. Through the lens of physical goods across multiple industries, hear the stories behind breakout brands, learn about new technologies in manufacturing, and dig into the micro-production concepts needed to get started. Connect with the best craftsmen and makers in Colorado and see how they create their work – all in one week!

Still wondering if you’ll find something useful for your business? Take a look at some of what’s available from last year’s event. You will learn something new from Chris Frank’s presentation, The Art and Science of Finding Customers for Your Startup, within the first five minutes of his video, and that was last year! In fact, several excellent past presentations that are well worth your time can be found on the website.

The excitement, energy, and renewed vision that the event generates for local business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs who are testing the waters could easily produce an uptick in the GDP! If your business could use a little uptick, or a big boost, make sure you make the time to be at Denver Startup Week 2016. If you need startup legal help, contact me, Elizabeth Lewis, at the Law Office of E.C. Lewis, P.C., home of your Denver Small Business Attorney. Phone: 720-258-6647. Email:

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