Yes, you do need business insurance if you work from home!

Someone on asked how bad flooding could be in the Denver area. Here are some pictures of the flooding over the years. I think the one in 2013 was a water main break, but it gives you an idea of what the area looked like before the water receded in the 2015 flood. The 2015 flood pictures (all of the cars) just show the aftermath of of the rainstorm we had. The area has flooded a couple of other times as well, unfortunately I didn’t take pictures the other times. The cars are all of the sidewalk (or wherever they ended up) because of the force of the water. The water reached up to the front door (and probably further inside) in the picture with the cab if memory serves me right. This is right at 14th and Kearney/Krameria behind Mayfair Liquors for reference. Just another good reason to make sure you have business insurance – and especially a rider for business equipment if you work from home as your home owner’s insurance may not cover business property in your house without a rider.