CFU Un-Job Fair

In a recent news article on, the Colorado Free University’s “Un-Job Fair” was reported as the place to help individuals land their “Dream Job”.  9news reporters talked about how it was encouraging to have a forum where people could talk about starting (or growing) their businesses.  As mentioned in the segment, 15 experts will be there to talk about small business and I am honored to be one of the experts speaking to those individuals who want to start their own business.  As a contributor last year when I spoke about online marketing law for small businesses, I will be presenting a high-level overview of business law for those starting a business.  As always, if you need specific legal help, please email or call me, your Denver business attorney!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22

  • It is only Monday and I am ready for the weekend. It is going to be a long week! #
  • Working w/Colin asleep on table @WholeFoods. Wish people wouldn't look at me funny if I slept on the table as I could really use a nap! #fb #
  • Preparing for Internet Mastermind's meetup next week ( What ??? do you have about marketing legally online? #
  • At social media group (always learn something new), then client meetings, and then (super yea) ending day with a massage!!! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-01

  • Looking forward to presenting @MommyMeeting tonight! Considering group, ironic that I got someone to watch my son for it though! #fb #
  • Royal wedding tonight at 2am. What did people do before DVRs??? Now I can watch this weekend and fast-forward through the boring parts. #
  • forgot how great the Denver Museum is – wildlife, mummy & health exhibits, not to mention hidden gnomes in exhibits!!! #

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