3 Small Business Owner Time Shortage Syndromes and How to Cure Them

Someone once said an entrepreneur is the only person willing to work an eighty hour week in order to avoid having to work forty. If you are a small business owner, you are likely often faced with multiple demands on your time and a severe shortage of hours in the day. Before you jump on a new solution to your time management woes, consider what is actually behind your time shortage. There are three “syndromes” I’ve come to recognize in the small business owners I offer legal advice to – if any of these sounds familiar, read on! There are tips and suggestions for what to do if you are suffering from Super Hero Syndrome, Growth Guru Syndrome, or Busy Body Business Syndrome!

Small Business Super Hero Syndrome

Some clients I meet with are so amazingly productive that I think of them as super heroes with unbelievable strength and endurance. But the truth is, none of us is a super hero. We have limitations. Sometimes we need help getting things done. If it is hard for you to let others be responsible for portions of your business,you may be suffering from Small Business Super Hero Syndrome. Your motto is, “I can do it (all)!” And most of the time you can.

If you have started to notice missed deadlines, work that is not your best, and good opportunities you have had to pass up, it might be time to look for a trusty side kick. If you are a small business owner, you probably sought legal advice from an attorney when you first formed your business, or before you signed your first big contract. So, why not look for a good bookkeeper to help with your books, or other tasks you do not have to do? If you need advice about who to connect with, and what services would benefit your small business, I am happy to refer you to the people and organizations I find do the most good for the small business super heroes my firm serves.

Business Growth Guru Syndrome

Some of the most brilliant people I know are those who are able to see opportunity in everything. Rather than seeing the glass-half-full, they see the glass spilling over with ways to create more revenue, and grow, grow, grow their business. Most of the time, this is a great way to see the world. However, if you are a Business Growth Guru, you may struggle with staying focused on the opportunity in front of you. Your motto is, “I AM focu… oh, look! Another opportunity!”

If you have noticed a dip in revenue from a once promising revenue source, it might be time to slow down and ask yourself if the most important things are getting most of your attention. If your core business is getting less attention than that new idea you just had, it might be time to step back and consider your priorities. You may need someone to help you complete a forecast, or provide advice on the best uses of your time. If you need a referral, and help determining the best course of action for your current business, I can refer you to some of the most gifted business advisers in Colorado.

Busy Body Business Syndrome

This syndrome is related to the Business Growth Guru Syndrome, but is not caused by abundant opportunity. Its root cause is an unmanageable task list. If you are suffering from the Busy Body Business Syndrome, you can remember writing your motto down (and it was a good one!), you just can’t remember where you wrote it.

If it seems like you are constantly dealing with a new emergency and you feel like working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week wouldn’t begin to help you dig out of the work you need to get done, you may have Busy Body Business Syndrome. You can study up on good advice from your peers, or hire a professional to help you organize your work space, create an environment where you can work without interruption when needed, and stay ahead of your tasks in order to reduce the number of emergencies you experience in a week.

The good news is, all 3 time shortage syndromes are curable! If you need legal help, or a referral to my network of small business support professionals who can help you organize, grow, or maintain your business, contact me, Elizabeth Lewis, at the Law Office of E.C. Lewis, P.C., home of your Denver Small Business Attorney. Phone: 720-258-6647. Email: elizabeth.lewis@eclewis.com.

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