Earlier this month, I told you that I would keep you updated on legislation affecting small businesses.  To start it off, I am going to talk about Colorado House Bill 1057.

HB 1057 is getting a lot of attention – and most of it bad from small business owners.  The Denver Business Journal is reporting that the National Federation of Independent Businesses believes that it sends the wrong signal in this economy.  So what is HB-1057?  A short interpretation from your Denver Small Business Attorney – it is a bill that would force businesses with 10 or more employees to give parents up to 40 hours unpaid leave a year to attend school academic activities.  According to Colorado Education News, even some democrats and educators are “skeptical” of the idea.  As 96% of small businesses already accommodate parents, is this legislation really necessary?  As you Denver Small Business Attorney, it appears that this legislation is going to do nothing more than create yet another burden on small businesses.  If you agree, contact your state representatives today!

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