In an example that companies need to have good contracts, a snowmobile company in Summit County is having problems after a customer damaged a snowmobile.  Two men rented a snowmobile, veered off the trail, and caused damages of $15,200.00.  Now the men are refusing to pay and claiming that the store’s owner coerced them into stating they would pay for the damages.  The owner has filed a case against the two men and it will probably come down to how the contract was written.

This case is an excellent example of why businesses need to have a contract with their clients.  Whether your clients rent equipment from you, use services for which you block off time for them, or you buy products with the intent that your clients will buy them from you, a contact protects you.  It ensures that your clients know their rights and responsibilities and gives you proof of your relationship if anything happens causing you to end up in court.

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