When a business attorney represents a business, one of the questions that all parties must agree on is who is the client?  This is something that every client should be thinking about prior to meeting with a business attorney for the first time and a question that the client should also ask the business attorney.  It is especially important for businesses with more than one owner as the needs of the business and the needs of each of its owners may differ.

A business attorney usually only represents one party in a matter.  So, if the business is owned by three individuals, the business attorney will usually either represent one of the individuals or will represent the business.  The one time that the business attorney may represent more than one party is when the business only has one owner (but even in this instance, the business attorney may have to either decline representation or only represent one party if the business and the owner have different interest which does not happen often but can occasionally occur).

This may become expensive for parties who each need representation for various reasons.  Therefore, it is always best to speak with any prospective business attorney about these issues prior to hiring him or her.

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