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As noted in the second post in this series, recently there was community uproar about the change in the TOS that gave Facebook a greater license than the September 23, 2008 revision that is being used as of the time of this writing. Users wondered if Facebook owned their content or exactly how Facebook could use their content. This is a question that affects not just Facebook users, but users that post content anywhere online.

Whenever you post content on a site, the TOS may control who owns the content you post on the site. For instance, some sites say that you continue to own your content; others state that you own the content, but the site has a license to use it where the terms of the license vary; and a few even say that they own the content you post. Many sites state that the site can control the content to varying states.

So how do ownership clauses in TOSs affect the average user? It depends on what you are posting and what the terms are. If a photographer is posting pictures that he usually sells for thousands of dollars, it may matter a lot. If I am posting that I am having a great day, it may not matter at all.

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