DISCLAIMER – I am not saying that vandalism of any type is good or condoning vandalism!

Although I usually write about small business legal issues as I am a business attorney in Denver, today I felt compelled to write about something else.  The Denver Channel reported that sometime in the last few days, an individual or group of individuals committed an act of vandalism at the Boulder Justice Center.  Now, as I noted above your Denver small business attorney is not condoning vandalism, but I do have to hand it to the vandals that their act was just a little bit funny.  Whoever did this put quotation marks around the word “Justice” so that the sign now reads Boulder “Justice” Center.  And, most people with a sense of humor would have to admit that the adding of quotation marks is a funny way to prove a point.

With that being said, as a Denver small business attorney I have to weigh in on the topic of justice in the legal system.  From my experience with the legal system, justice many times does have quotation marks around it because many times parties do end up on the losing end of justice when the legal system gets involved.  In some cases, judges do not have time to properly hear a case but make rulings anyway, because they are overworked and don’t have time to review all the issues like they should.  In some cases, the support staff cannot properly do their jobs, again usually because either there were never enough employees or the cutbacks have affected their departments.  Finally, in some cases, judges make rulings because they let their personal or political opinions get involved or for some other reason that really do not serve justice to any of the parties involved.

So, what is the cure?  I think there are several things.  First, we need to make sure there is funding to properly staff the courts.  Second, we need to create more specialized courts where the judges can know the law in the cases they are ruling on rather than being expected to know every area of the law.  For instance, the idea of courts just for business has been proposed but due to finances hasn’t come to light.  Third, in the cases of bad judges, citizens need to band together to remove them.

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