Dunkin Donuts comes to Colorado

2013 saw a lot of growth in Denver. Dunkin Donuts opened their first shop in years (which my son loved). Mooyah Burgers, Big Smoke Burgers, World of Beer, Cabelas and several other chains all opened their first stores in Colorado also.  2014 has followed the trend of good business.  In a recent poll by Wells Fargo/Gallup show that small business owners are the most optimistic they have been in the last five years.

Small business owners say they plan to hire more (despite what the Affordable Care Act), have good cash flow, and higher revenues.  Although in no way scientific, from my limited research (which is talking to the small business owners I know), this poll and the results are actually realistic.  Small business owners I have talked to are excited about 2014!

So what does that mean for you?  If you are already a small business, it is time to ramp it up! If you have been putting off hiring, you might want to get an employee.  If you have put off purchases, it may be time to look at financing.  If you want to expand, it may be time to seek a larger space or a second space.

With all the possibilities out there, make sure you get your legal needs met by a Denver small business attorney though.  By talking to someone that specializes in business law, you can make sure that you are prepared for what is to come in 2014.  If you are going to hire, you may need employment documents or an employee handbook.  If you are going to look into financing, you want to make sure all of your legal documents are reviewed before you sign them.  If you are going to expand, make sure your lease isn’t going to end up bringing you down.

If you don’t have a business, now may be the time to start one.  You can talk to me, your Denver business lawyer to make sure that you are legally protected and set up right from the start.

For more information on the poll, you can read the full poll results here.  For help with your legal needs, contact me, your Denver small business lawyer, at elizabeth.lewis@eclewis.com or schedule an initial consultation today.