Low Oil Prices Encourage Hiring

Recently, oil prices have seen a significant drop in prices, leading to low costs for energy and gasoline across the country. These lower prices are putting more money into the pockets of consumers to spend more money elsewhere in the economy and also for many businesses. It is expected that this will lead to an increase in hiring in many areas of the economy, especially if these low prices continue.

For example, hiring is expected to increase in the areas that will see direct benefits to these lower oil prices such as automotive manufacturers and dealers and also trucking and other shipping companies. Additionally, hiring is rising for restaurants, likely due to consumers now having more money in their pockets because of the lower gas prices, which they can now spend eating out. Restaurants related to both areas like drive-ins are especially showing increased sales as a result.

However, these lower prices are not good news for hiring in other areas. Naturally, the energy sector is facing the biggest losses due to these low oil prices. Energy companies have had strong growth over the past few years due to the increased oil and gas drilling that has been going on, but with these lower prices they are already experiencing large layoffs of their employees. This is clearly concerning for those working in the energy sector, which represents about 1.4% of U.S. employees.

This news, like most economic news, is good for some and bad for others, but at least this time the economy overall is expected to see increased employment, wage growth, and other expansionary benefits like lower inflation because of the lower energy prices, which will hopefully keep the economy and businesses overall in good health.

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