Why Mentors are Important and How to Find One

A mentor in your industry can help set you down the right path for your business, or expose you to opportunities you had not even considered. They are not afraid to give frank advice by letting you know a new idea needs refining or when to take that risk you have been considering. They can also help you realistically determine your business goals and how to achieve them more efficiently. Mentors are important because they have been in your position, and you can learn from their experience in ways books are incapable of teaching you and more candidly than a friend or family member might.

Trying to find a mentor does not have to be intimidating. Finding a mentor starts with networking, but the better question is where and how to get started.

A great place to start is within. Think about whom you know in your industry. Think about your business partners, clients, co-workers, friends, and family. These people can all be potential contacts to discover your new mentor. Ask if they have had a mentor or if their parents worked in the same line of work. If you are still having trouble connecting with a possible mentor this way, it may be time step outside your comfort zone.

Start searching for conventions, organizations, or even classes designed for those in your line of business. Go to an event or class with a colleague and strike up a conversation with other attendees. Ask if they have ever been to an event like this to get conversation going. Be sure to introduce yourself to the officers of the group or speakers at the event, because there is a reason why they are leading the group. These people have unique knowledge from their experiences, and they could make for a great mentor. Look for ways to connect with these new acquaintances beyond work by discussing hobbies, vacations, and family. You never know what else you may have in common. Get their business card and follow up soon and let them know you enjoyed meeting them.

When setting up additional meet-ups remember to be flexible and work around their availability, since these people are using their time to meet with you when they have no obligation to do so.

These tips should help set you on your way to discovering a mentor in your industry and getting closer to your business goals. If you need legal assistance with your next business goal, do not hesitate to reach out to the Law Office of E.C. Lewis, PC, home of your Denver Business Attorney, Elizabeth Lewis, at 720-258-6647 or email her at elizabeth.lewis@eclewis.com.