In several recent articles, liquor store owners aren’t finding that the repeal of the Blue Law limiting sales on Sundays is helping them, and it could even be that it is hurting them.  In an attempt last year to stop chain liquor stores, liquor store owners compromised by backing the sale of liquor on Sundays.  Some store owners though say Sunday sales are hurting their bottom line because they now have to be open seven days a week instead of six and sales tend to be slower on Saturday and Monday now resulting in little increase of revenue.

In addition, now that the Sunday Blue Law has been repealed, grocery and chain stores are now renewing their push to be able to sell beer.  In a recent guest commentary in the Daily Camera, the owner of Superior Liquor also commented on the big box and grocery store chains push to be able to sell “real beer”.   Beer accounts for 25%-50% of liquor store sales and if sold at chain stores, would decrease the amount of revenue for small businesses.

If you are a small business owner of a liquor store and want to stop the legislature from passing any laws allowing grocery or chain store sales, contact your representatives today.  If you are a liquor store needing help with any legal issues, please contact me, your Denver small business lawyer, at 720-258-6647 or email me at