Next week, I will be speaking at the November Mile High Social Media Club’s monthly event. I will be joined by attorney Kristin Diamond and internet photographer Jerome Shaw and the panel will be discussing intellectual property laws, business laws, and social media policies.

As a preview, the next few days I am going to highlight my views on some of the issues that may (or may not depending on the audience) be discussed.

Tomorrow’s post will go over the basics of what are the IP ownership issues if individuals put info out on social networks.

Saturday’s post will go over how do individuals protect their IP from misappropriation by others (namely from theft on other sites).

Monday’s post will go over what policies and procedures should be in place to protect IP.

After reading and/or listening to these posts, I invite you to come and listen to the presentation November 19th at Strings in Denver. You can RSVP for the event at

If you are unable to attend, Friday I will be posting a short summary of how the night went.