On a topic a little off the beaten path since this is a law blog, I wanted to mention the best marketing campaign I have seen in years.  That’s right folks – Everyone gets a free breakfast.  Well, almost everyone.  I didn’t and neither did most of the people I know.  But not because it wasn’t offered and not because we didn’t know about it.  It was more because it didn’t work with my schedule.  Denny’s had an incredible plan though – I think I heard and saw more on the news, on Facebook, and on the radio about Denny’s than I have since high school.  Everywhere I went, someone was talking about the free breakfast.  At a happy hour, someone commented about the line wrapped around the building.  On Facebook, there was talk about how people had to be crazy to stand in line that long.  On TV, the newscasters gave free publicity… well like breakfast.

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