The following are just a few of the more interesting business news articles involving the law found throughout the US in the last week. 

In recent news, Colorado may begin to enforce its law regarding fire-safe cigarette sales.  This may affect small businesses that sell cigarettes and have back stock of non-fire-safe cigarettes.  In other news, the smoking ban may have actually helped businesses increase sales and drop the rate of heart attacks – or it may be the economy is just causing people to want to drink more?

If your business solicits customers by phone, you may want to familiarize yourself with the new phone solicitation laws.  In addition, please keep checking my blog for updates on the new Legislative General Assembly starting Wednesday. 

On a side note or two – in Wisconsin, a case currently being heard may change how much companies can compensate owners when companies are failing.  Although only a Wisconsin case, the results may have an impact on businesses throughout the US.   Finally, if you are looking to start a new business, maybe a pawnshop is the way to go!

 If you find any links to interesting news stories involving small businesses, please email me at or add them as a comment to this post.