How to Find the Right Business Attorney

A business attorney can literally help save your business. They can help with real estate transactions, licensing your intellectual property, and day-to-day legal compliance in ways that will make all the difference to your business’s survival. Therefore, it’s critical that you have a business attorney, even when you might not know that you have a specific need for one.

But how do you find the right business attorney for you? Here’s a step-by-step guide that can help.

how to find the right business attorney

Ask Colleagues for Recommendations

Asking for personal recommendations is always a great place to start. If you have colleagues that you trust, ask if they would recommend their business attorney. This can be especially useful if you know a colleague who has navigated some legal hurdles recently.

Make sure to collect lists of both attorneys your colleagues would recommend and those that they would not recommend.

Search for Results Online

Your list of personal recommendations is just a starting point. Don’t just go with someone that your colleague recommended, especially if you only got one recommendation.

Instead, do a quick online search for business attorneys in the area. Make your search specific to your needs. For example, if you need an attorney for a real estate transaction, search “business attorney for buying commercial property,” or “business attorney to renegotiate commercial lease,” depending on your needs.

Also look up the websites of the attorneys your colleagues recommended. You might find, for example, that an attorney has retired, or that a recommended attorney no longer works at the recommended firm.

Evaluate Their Expertise and Experience

Take time to peruse the website of each lawyer you’re considering. Figure out what areas of business law they focus on and how that overlaps with your business attorney needs. At a minimum, a lawyer should mention the industry or transaction you need help with. Ideally, they should devote considerable space to it on their website in the form of one or more pages or blogs unless you have a novel idea that hasn’t been dealt with before, of course.

Make sure a lawyer has experience dealing with your type of business. There are lessons that are best taught by experience, so it’s best to choose a lawyer who has been practicing for several years as a business attorney.

Read Testimonials and Reviews

Any good attorney will generate positive reviews. If an attorney doesn’t have testimonials and reviews that you can easily find, make sure you do a lot more homework to make sure they are qualified.

Don’t just look at the star ratings of reviews. Instead, take the time to read the reviews so you can understand what people value in the attorney. If it’s what you’re looking for in a business attorney, make sure that person is at the top of your list.

Case studies, sometimes called customer stories, are another important resource. These detailed descriptions of how the lawyer helped a business can help you understand how their services can help your business.

Schedule Consultations

After looking at websites, you should have a short list of lawyers you’re considering. Schedule consultations with these lawyers. Many business attorneys will offer a free initial call to see if it is a good fit – for both you and for the attorney. These calls may be short in length, but it can give you an opportunity to hear a lawyer’s voice and get a personal introduction to why they think they might be right for your business.

If you don’t get enough information from these initial consultations, don’t be afraid to schedule an in-person consultation or a longer consultation if needed. Yes, in many instances attorneys will charge for a longer consult, but spending a small amount of money now may save you considerably over choosing the wrong business attorney.

Make Your Decision

Now it’s time to make your decision. To do this, look at each lawyer you’ve been considering and ask three questions:

  • Are they right for your business? Choose a lawyer that is right for your business. This means that they have the right experience and expertise for the legal work you’ll ask them to perform. If you’re looking to incorporate, find someone who’s helped businesses get incorporated. If you’re licensing software, make sure you find someone with expertise in software licensing.

  • Will they care about your business? Make sure that the attorney you choose is one that will really care about your business. You’ll find this in reviews and testimonials, but also in the lawyer’s manner during your consultations. Avoid picking a firm for your small business just because they seem impressive. For example, unless a larger firm has multiple lawyers dedicated specifically to small business clients, you might find that while a big firm has great views from their conference room, the large firm never has time for your small business.

  • Do you feel comfortable working with this lawyer? Finally, it’s important that you choose a lawyer you feel comfortable talking to – and one that you feel is really listening to you. Often, legal issues can turn on small details, and if you don’t feel comfortable talking about the details with a lawyer – or if you think they’re not listening – you might be setting yourself up for trouble later.

If none of the lawyers you’re considering meet your needs, start the process again. It’s worth it spend as much time as needed to find the right lawyer, rather than rushing through the process and working with the wrong one. The hope is that once you find an attorney, that attorney should be able to be with your business for the long run and become a valued resource for you and your business.

Why Choose the Law Office of E.C. Lewis as Your Business Attorney

Since 2007, Elizabeth Lewis has helped many small businesses with their legal needs. She understands the specific issues facing small businesses, and how they differ from the legal needs of large corporations. She can help your business navigate all the challenges that you will face as you’re starting it and steering it through its challenging first years.

Elizabeth takes a results-oriented approach. She wants to help you and your business accomplish your goals, and she knows how to get the law on your side, for protection from threats as well as leverage in achieving your goals.

Finally, Elizabeth focuses on building relationships. She wants your business to achieve long-term success, and she plans to be there for every step in the process. She’s not just going to help you with a one-off task now – she’ll be here when you need her in the future as well.

Talk to Elizabeth Lewis about Your Business Attorney Needs

Don’t let the process of choosing a small business attorney keep you from advancing your business. You can schedule a free phone consultation with Elizabeth to learn whether she’s the right business attorney for you.

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