Throughout Colorado, businesses are laying off staff, shutting down, and going bankrupt.  However, jobs in the “green” sector are seeing lots of that.  In 2007, the American Solar Energy Society stated that green companies created over 91,000 jobs in Colorado alone.  In addition, several companies have announced plans to create new jobs here over the next several years.  How can you as a small business owner take advantage of the emerging thought that Colorado is a leader in the green economy?  First, establish green practices for you company.  Many of these can help save you money along with helping the environment.  Second, do some market research to find out what services green companies in Colorado need.  By knowing what services they need, you can position yourself to supply them.  Third, always have a small business attorney, like me, set up your business to make sure it fits your needs and then have a small business attorney, again like me, review any contracts you are going to sign with larger companies to make sure you are getting treated right.  These are just three things you can do to become a small business that also gets to make a little green while being a little more green.

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