I am preparing a presentation on online marketing law for small businesses. Something I see more and more, is when I meet someone at an event, next thing I know I have an email saying I have been added to his or her email newsletter list (or just start receiving the thing). I may be behind the times, but before I send anyone my newsletter, I ask for permission – whether it is in person at an event (which is rare) or after getting to know them. Now, I am not talking about people I do business with – I totally expect to get an email here and there from my accountant, or my doctor, or the business center I use. In fact, I like to know that the tax rules have changed or that the business center is offering a class. But, the email from them is part of the service I am paying for.

What I am talking about is the people I meet for two minutes at an event, give them a business card, and bam, I am on the list. Whether I want the information or not, I have another email I either need to delete or unsubscribe to.

So my questions of the day are: What do you think when you meet someone at an event and next thing you know, you are added to their email list without explicit permission? Do you like getting the information or does it just annoy you? Are you like me, where you typically don’t mind getting the email, you just want to be asked first? Does getting an email without permission do the same thing to you that it does to me – make you less likely to do business with that person?

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I’d love to know your thoughts as I prepare my presentation!