Today’s Legal Minute for Small Businesses: As a transactional business attorney, part of my goal is to help my clients avoid legal troubles.  One way to do that which many business owners don’t think about is providing good customer service.  To illustrate this, I would like to talk about the Similac recall that happened last month.  As most of my readers know, I have a three-month-old son.  We use Similac.  Late last month, Similac recalled all its powered formula, of which we had one container.  Similac made the recall process easy – I signed up on the website, a box was shipped to my house, I sent the formula to them, and they sent me a check and a coupon for new formula.  By recalling their product and making the recall so easy, I have continued to use Similac and the thought of suing the company for anything never crossed my mind (except to write about customer service).  So while customer service isn’t always the way to solve legal issues, it definitely goes a long way!