Many businesses have confidential information – whether it is credit card receipts with business credit card information on them, contracts with client names and addresses on them, or bank statements with financial information on them. Businesses need to keep this information secure for multiple reasons – rarely does a business owner think about consequences such as business identity theft, lawsuits from clients, or denial of trade secret status if confidential information isn’t confidential.

By allowing confidential information to be stored on desks that are available to everyone’s eyes, thrown away without being shredded, or stored insecurely on laptops, a businesses faces threats like the above. If your business has any confidential information it collects, it is important to have a confidential documents policy for both soft and hard copies of documents. For financial information, you should speak with both your Denver small business accountant and Denver small business lawyer to see what you should store and how. For all other documents, you should speak to your Colorado small business lawyer and Colorado insurance agent to make sure you are protected. As always, you can call me, your Denver Business Lawyer, at 720-258-6647, email me, or click on the right to Book an Appointment now!