Client Success Story – Axistence Athletics

After attending a seminar together, Dan Jimenez and Ryan Humphries realized that they had a lot of things in common.  Both were certified personal trainers, ex-military, outdoor enthusiasts – and they had very similar ideas on how the fitness industry should look in the future.
Dan and Ryan wanted to bridge fitness and adventure in their new startup, but they needed some help getting their business off the ground.  They came to the Law Office of EC Lewis to help make sure they were legally set.  In addition, with help of the network of professionals that Elizabeth knows, they were also able to find the perfect space for their new gym.

Axistence Athletics, LLC combines all the things that work for a successful fitness program and trims off the things that don’t. As both a CrossFit and a MovNat affiliate, Axistence takes high and low intensity workouts and combines them to create bulletproof programs for their clients.  Whether it’s climbing a 14er on the weekend or a backpacking trip to Nepal, Ryan and Dan believe that peoples’ fitness routines should prepare them for whatever activities they wish to pursue. In addition to fitness classes and personal training, Axistence offers specialty courses on outdoor skills such as land navigation, backpacking and wilderness survival so that clients can realize their full potential inside of the gym and out. From personal experience, I can say this includes 6-month-old little boys – Ryan was my personal trainer who helped me get back into shape after Colin was born. As Colin was unsure of having his mom work out without him, on many occasions Ryan figured out ways to include him in the workout so that I could reach my full potential even with an infant!

Every Saturday at 10 am, Axistence offers a free intro class for all skill levels at their gym located at 1950 S. Quebec St., Denver, CO.

For more information about Axistence Athletics, you can go to their website at or email them directly at  Axistence Athletics is located at 1950 S. Quebec Street in Denver.