To begin with, the Denver City Club is 87 years old.  It is a non-partisan and nonprofit public affairs forum.  Speakers include everything from politicians (of both parties) to historians to businesspeople.  It meets weekly at the Denver Brown Palace, the perfect location for this Club.  While open to the public, members receive a discount on events.  The local Denver cable station broadcast most of the events.

Now for the event, Governor Ritter spoke about the future of Colorado and the economy’s current state on it.  He stated that Colorado will do cuts, but Colorado should try to make sure they do not take too heavily from the rainy day fund.  In addition, he stated that we need to ensure that the counter-cyclical agencies budgets are not cut.  This of course should not be a surprise to anyone.

After speaking of the Colorado government and the economy, Gov. Ritter spoke about the reinvestment package, previously known as the stimulus package that will be dealt with by President-elect Obama once he takes office.  Specifically, he spoke about how the package is going to affect three areas of the plan for Colorado.  First, it is going to involve creating more infrastructure for the country – be it schools, roads, or other necessary improvements.  Second, it is going to involve creating a safety net for the states – such as the federal government paying more towards Medicare than it does currently.  Lastly, it is going to involve creating more clean energy and green energy jobs.

Due to the time, I am going to wait until Friday to give my viewpoint on the speech.  So stay tuned for a little bit of analysis from you Denver small business attorney on my blog!