In a followup to a previous post, Sunday proved to be a big day for liquor stores.  Although many have complained that their sales on Friday and Saturday are less now that people can buy on Sunday, Superbowl Sunday showed a change in the law may have been useful.  Stores found that the number of people buying increased more than expected.  In the past when people either forgot to get drinks for the big game or ran out before it was over, they went out for the game or just didn’t drink as much (or at all).  This year, more people bought liquor as it was available on Sunday.

So what does this mean to the average business owner that doesn’t own a liquor store?  If you can think of a law that affects your industry, it may be wise to work to change it.  The first step is determining if there is a way around the law with the help of your attorney.  If you cannot find a way to legally circumvent the law, you can hire a lobbyist to work on your behalf to change the law.  Lobbying usually works best when a large number of people support the bill, so if you are thinking about going this route, you need to start thinking about a coalition now.

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