In a recent Wall Street Journal article, the author talked about an area many franchise purchasers fail to investigate – the employees of franchisors.  Most people know before buying a franchise that due diligence is required – looking over the franchise books and records and careful reviewing of any contracts by an attorney is standard practice.  However, information about the employees of the franchisor, with the exception of the highest positions, may never be discussed.  Yet, this can be important in many respects.  Many times, part of what the franchisee is buying is the services the franchisor provides.  In addition to the standard due diligence, it is important to ask further questions.  For instance, does the franchisor have the appropriate staff to market the franchise you are buying?  Does the franchisor have the appropriate stuff to provide training to you once you purchase the franchise? 

To make sure you are making a wise decision when purchasing a franchise, it is important to get as much information as you can about the franchise – including information that may not be publically available or readily disclosed to you.  If you are thinking about buying a franchise, please contact me at or 720-258-6647 to discuss what you need to do to protect yourself.